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Free! Merchandise Wants List

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Haikyuu!! Merchandise Wants List
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I planned to long ago, but you know how much I procrastinate, so months later here I am again!!

I'm going to try to post here at least once a month, making either a personal post (venting and whatnot), collection update and or an twitter art log (or general art log w/e).

I've been putting off the first post until I finished had a new mood theme. It was a toss up between Free! and Steven Universe, but ultimately I went with Free! and I tried to make it as unbiased as possible, which meant trying to divide things as evenly as I could (so this ended up taking me 10 years).

You can find the mood theme behind the cut if you're interested in using it for your own blog!

My first actual post will come... eventually [rolls]

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...Just for the memo.

ibbsc bolin

I guess I should start using this more often 8);


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